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Sigma 4.5mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM Lens
MFR# 486306, 486101, 486109, 486110

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The Sigma 4.5mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM Lens is a spherical fisheye lens that easily captures a full 180° view in all directions, in a circular image. Even the most familiar and mundane of subjects can be portrayed with startlingly fresh new expressions through exaggerated perspectives and unusual distortion effects. It is well suited for academic and technical measurements such as solid angle measurements, cloud cover measurements & virtual reality.

DC lenses are exclusively designed for digital SLR cameras. The image circle (rear of lens) is made to match the smaller dimensions used for the image sensor on digital cameras. As a result these lenses are also more compact and lightweight, and are better matched to digital SLR cameras.


* Fast F2.8 maximum aperture making it ideal for low light photography
* Minimum focusing distance of 13.5cm and a maximum magnification of 1:6
* Equisolid angle projection method is possible for art and scientific use
* Equipped with HSM with full-time manual focus override