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Kodak BW400CN 135-36 Professional Black & White (Chromogenic C-41) Print Film (ISO-400)
MFR# 1629617



Kodak Professional BW400CN filmĀ is a multi-purpose 400-speed black-and-white chromogenic film designed for processing in color negative chemistry and printing on color negative paper.

This film is intended for exposure with daylight, electronic flash, and artificial illumination. You can also obtain pleasing results under other light sources, i.e. illumination in stadiums, without using filters.

This film can be printed on Kodak Professional Portra Endura, Supra Endura and Ultra Endura Papers, as well as other color negative papers.


* Replaces the Portra black-and-white film and Kodak TCN
* Offers extremely fine grain in a professional chromogenic film
* Result is a smooth, neutral tone image with outstanding highlight and shadow detail